No one is perfect. I mightve been the one who messed up what we had. I still regret it to this day. Looking at you with tears in my eyes and with a heart waiting to give you all the love that you actually deserve. But thats the thing, the only difference here is that I still kept my word. I never left. I would always love you. Waiting for you to crawl back in my arms. I lie but I dont cheat. I lie but i will somehow get out of my way to make it up to you. No matter how far it is, ill go. And thats how far I can ever go. But, dont ever say that I never loved you. I still do. Every night we talked in bed. It was all real. Memories just like to stabb my shattered heart just remembering the times i had with you. Yes, we might not be able to fix the past, but we can make better memories that can cover the scars under a blanket of snow. So , be warned. Ill be here, always. Whenever. Ill be here, like i promised.